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GreenHealth – Cannabis Evaluation for Florida Medical Marijuana Cards

What is Green Health?

GreenHealth is a registered Florida-based healthcare network that was founded with the aim of educating and providing patients with natural, alternative treatment options. Our mission is to be a leading cannabis industry provider, and with a trusted team of specialists who work hard to individualize effective treatment plans for each patient, we are able to offer patients a better path to holistic wellness. Through careful evaluation and expertise, we’ve been able to improve the healthcare of patients all over Florida using medical marijuana.

In line with our objective to be an ideal and convenient provider of general wellness, we’ve partnered with qualified physicians who operate in locations across these cities in Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and St Petersburg). What we stand for is patient convenience, protecting medical records and privacy, while ensuring that patients can get the right treatment for their condition when needed. It is why we’ve made sure to provide 24/7 availability for verification and continue to facilitate legal backing of all our patients to ensure that the Florida Medical Marijuana Cards obtained are valid under the current medical marijuana laws.

At, we do our best to make sure all patients who qualify can afford the necessary treatment plans. Our well-versed medical and legal professionals also strive to increase awareness about and improve access to medical marijuana in Florida.

A background on medical marijuana in Florida

Many states have legalized the use of medical marijuana in the United States and Florida is now one of them. However, a set of rules as per the second Amendment of the state aids, and regulates the industry moving forward. The amendment stipulates on who qualifies, the eligible ailments and the process of becoming a medical marijuana patient. It is important to note that any qualified patient must poses certification from a licensed doctor as provided by the amendment. They must  be cleared by a marijuana doctor before lawfully attaining the right to use marijuana for remedial purposes. Once one has been cleared, he/she is issued their medical marijuana card.

In Florida, different entities work hand in hand with qualified doctors to enhance Medical Marijuana accessibility by issuing the cards. GreenHealth is one such entity. GreenHealth Provides Florida Medical Marijuana Cards from Qualified Doctors. Among other qualifications that one must meet to be termed a Florida medical marijuana patient are:

  • Must be 18 years and above
  • Must be a resident of Florida with proof. Among things considered as proof are the state’s I.D and a passport. In case you lack one of the mentioned documents, a photo ID backed by a utility bill obtained from the state is also accepted.
  • It is also important to note that a patient should have tried other means of treatment before settling on medical marijuana use. This has to be proven by a doctor that the previous medication was unsuccessful.
  • Patients must be registered with the department of health.

The above, among other qualifications, can be found on GreenHealth is on the frontline in ensuring that Florida’s patients exercise their right to better healthcare. This is evident by the fact that the organization provides Florida Medical Marijuana Cards from qualified doctors.

GreenHealth – Cannabis Evaluation for Florida Medical Marijuana Cards

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GreenHealth Announces 10 New Florida Clinics for Medical Marijuana Cards

Patient Evaluation by Medical Marijuana Doctors


Miami, Florida, June 11, 2017 – Florida-based healthcare network, GreenHealth will soon have 10 Locations for Florida Medical Marijuana Cards and growing, across the state.

The company is pleased to announce its expansion through the opening of more clinic locations around the state, thus increasing its capacity to serve Florida patients. The initial rollout of the first 10 locations will provide the residents of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Tallahassee, Palm City, Orlando, Pensacola and St. Petersburg.

GreenHealth is a registered network of healthcare professionals that aim to educate and provide Floridians suffering from chronic and terminal conditions with natural, alternative treatments that are less invasive. The company is aiming to remove most of the barriers preventing patients from having access to medical marijuana by being a leading provider of evaluations for medical marijuana cards in the state. With expert specialists who work in full compliance of Florida laws, the new locations will allow the company give more people opportunities to receive holistic wellness.

Under Amendment 2, more medical marijuana dispensaries are being opened up in Florida. Ever since medical marijuana in Florida became a reality and several companies received licensing to operate dispensaries, GreenHealth has been working tireless to get these clinics running by hiring qualified, knowledgeable and compassionate Florida medical marijuana doctors to evaluate and certify qualified patients. The move to expand to have more active clinics aside from the Miami location in the Kendall Medical Plaza, will see to it that individuals seeking medical cannabis as a natural treatment option can conveniently receive certification.

According to the company, all 10 new locations will see patients five days per week, Monday through Friday on walk-in basis or through previously scheduled appointments. Possible increase of open days and hours is on the cards, but the current hours of operation are 8am to 5pm daily.

Since GreenHealth is a patient focused network of clinics, patients will be able to request scheduling for online appointments via the company’s website which is an additional positive that debilitated patients will appreciate because of convenience. Medical marijuana consultation from GreenHealth doctors at any of their offices will also significantly involve patient education on medical marijuana in Florida. This way, those requiring information can get to know their options for purchasing both CBD and THC medical cannabis after qualifying based on the state-led Compassionate Care Act and Amendment 2 that have been put into legislation.

Receiving some of the highest praise from past and current patients, the GreenHealth network sets out to distinguish itself as a reliable provider of medical marijuana in Florida. The company has democratized medical marijuana to increase access to these treatments by accepting multiple insurance plans and offering competitive pricing for those who are not insured. In addition, the qualified GreenHealth doctors and legal defense team provides the necessary legal backing and guide patients in navigating the processes involved with this life-changing treatment option.

GreenHealth believes in the efficacy and ability of medical marijuana to transform patients lives”, says a rep for the company. It’s why the company has set out to bring this healthier alternative drug to more patients across Florida.

Certified medical marijuana doctors under Florida law are required to have a 90-day treatment process where they evaluate all options and explore different treatments for patients. After this time, if medical cannabis is the final opinion of the doctor, then the patient will receive this professional recommendation to obtain a medical marijuana card legally.
For more information about scheduling evaluations or obtaining a Florida medical marijuana card,

Green Health Florida
[email protected]

GreenHealth Announces 10 New Florida Clinics for Medical Marijuana Cards

Medical Marijuana Doctor

Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors Providing MMJ Cards to Patients with Qualifying Conditions

Medical Marijuana Use In Florida

There is enough evidence to support Medical Marijuana as a potent treatment option for many different conditions. Some potent Cannabinoids (chemicals in the marijuana plant) do not have any psycho-active properties. This means that it is now possible to use MMJ as a treatment option without experiencing a euphoric high.



Euphoria associated with Marijuana has always been a concern, which is why it has remained an illegal substance at the federal level. However, cannabidiol (CBD) is a potent and non-psychoactive derivative of Marijuana. It can be used safely even while operating heavy machinery in the workplace.

The psychoactivity of marijuana is the single most prominent property cited by MMJ opponents. All that may soon change. Non-psychoactive Cannabinoids, like Cannabidiol (CBD), are so safe, they are used to treat children and senior citizens.

The field of MMJ is, however, fairly new. In Florida, for example, Medical Marijuana was only accepted for the treatment of epilepsy and chronic seizures, by 2014. A massive voter support for MMJ in 2016 expanded the number of conditions treatable by medical marijuana and it’s now widely available. There are, however, still a lot of gray areas.

This is where Florida medical marijuana doctors come in.

The FMA (Florida Medical Association) and FOMA (Florida Osteopathic Medical Association) are mandated to train Marijuana doctors by the Florida DOH (Department Of Health).

MMJ physicians assess the applicability of marijuana based treatments for their patients. Once they recommend a patient for MMJ, the recommendation is evaluated. The evaluation results in either a termination or qualification for a Florida medical marijuana card.

Below is a list of conditions eligible for MMJ under Florida law:

Note that it is still under the physician’s discretion whether a specific condition can be treated with medical marijuana. If alternative treatments have already been explored, such as prescription medications, most Florida MMJ doctors see great value in cannabis as a treatment option and are open to letting their patients explore its benefits.

i. Epilepsy And Chronic Seizures.

ii. Cancer.

iii. Epilepsy.

iv. Glaucoma.

v. Chronic Muscle Spasms.


vii. PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

viii. ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)/ Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

ix. Parkinson’s Disease.

x. MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

Patients suffering from other degenerative or wasting diseases also qualify for MMJ. Terminally ill patients are also allowed to use medical marijuana to ease their pain.

The ten conditions above are, almost always, severe. They also involve continued medication. Tolerance to the treating drug is, therefore, a reality for most patients. Marijuana-based treatment is potent, like conventional medicine, but boasts of near-zero occurrences of drug tolerance.

Most prescription medications also trigger unwanted side-effects and reactions from patients. MMJ helps alleviate the symptoms of the disease and the side effects of medications that must be taken.

Below are other applications of MMJ in the treatment of these ten conditions.

How Marijuana Treatment Helps Chronic And Severe Cases

i. Epilepsy And Chronic Seizures.

Patients who have epilepsy and chronic seizures take Anti-Epileptic Drugs (AED) consistently. The overexposure has resulted in a third of epilepsy patients developing a tolerance to AEDs. MMJ is a potent option for drug-resistant cases. It is documented to lower the magnitude and frequency of seizures.

ii. Cancer.

MMJ has been documented to reduce the size of cancerous tumors. Medical Marijuana also mitigates the adverse side effects of cancer therapy. Furthermore, MMJ improves the appetite, moods, and sleep patterns of cancer patients.

Finally, Cannabis oil alleviates the chronic pain associated with cancer treatment.

iii. Crohn’s Disease.

Crohn’s disease is a painful Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). It is characterized by inflammations in the alimentary canal that usually result in bloody stools. Inflammation is sometimes severe enough to cause blockages.

Cannabinoids mimic the workings of endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds that mitigate inflammations in the alimentary canal.

Cannabis also alleviates the pain caused by the disease.

iv. Glaucoma.

The onset of Glaucoma is triggered by intraocular pressure (IOP). IOP is the buildup of pressure within the eye’s fluids. The pressure usually damages the optic nerve, causing blindness, if the condition is unchecked.

MMJ has been shown to reduce IOP by up to 30%. Controlling intraocular pressure minimizes the risk of full-blown Glaucoma by 78.6%.

v. Chronic Muscle Spasms.

Muscle spasms involve involuntary muscle twitches and movements. They are caused by electrolyte loss, dehydration, or muscle strains. In chronic and drug-resistant cases, MMJ reduces overall spasticity. Marijuana based treatments also alleviate the pain associated with the spasms.


HIV/AIDS therapy induces neuropathic pain. Antiretroviral therapy also causes nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, and loss of weight. These side effects leave patients weak and susceptible to opportunistic diseases. MMJ restores appetite and mitigates nausea and vomiting in HIV/AIDS patients.

The patients are, therefore, able to maintain essential minerals and nutrients boosting their immunity.

vii. PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

PTSD is an anxiety disorder caused by traumatic experiences. PTSD is associated with irrational fear and avoidances. Many patients even re-live the causative experience. PTSD eventually alters brain chemistry resulting in some endocannabinoid deficiencies.

Endocannabinoids are the body’s cannabinoids. MMJ replenishes the cannabinoids alleviating the symptoms of PTSD.

viii. ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)/ Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

ALS is a neurodegenerative disease. It causes paralysis, weakness, and wasting away of muscles. Cannabis oil alleviates the day to day symptoms of ALS. Evidence also suggests that the oil slows down the progression of the disease. This results in an extended lifespan for the patient.

ix. Parkinson’s Disease.

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder. It begins with slight involuntary tremors which then grow in frequency and severity. Further progression of the disease causes slurred speech, reduced motor functions, and overall motion impairment.

MMJ has been proven to mitigate the tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease. Research also suggests that non-psychoactive components of Marijuana can mitigate the onset of the disease.

x. MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

MS is a degenerative condition that causes muscle spasms, abdominal pains, depression, loss of motor control, and insomnia. MMJ mitigates all these symptoms. It improves the patient’s sleep patterns, improves his/ her moods, and slows down the progression of Multiple Sclerosis.

Medical Marijuana, therefore, improves the overall quality of life of MS patients.

Medical Marijuana Intake – How Should you Use It?

MMJ administration differs with treatment and personal preferences. Modes of MMJ intake are as vast as the companies making them. Here, we will only look at the six most popular methods of MMJ intake.

1. Smoking.

Smoking is arguably the most popular MMJ intake method. Here, a cured and dried Hemp portion is rolled into a ‘joint’ and smoked. It can also be taken through a pipe or bong.


  • It delivers the quickest relief.
  • Processing is minimal.
  • Inexpensive (for lack of extra processing costs).
  • Dosage regulation is relatively easy.


  • Not advisable for patients with breathing conditions.
  • The research to determine whether Marijuana smoke causes lung damage is still inconclusive.
  • Smoking gives the impression of recreational use. It can lead to prejudice.

2. Vaping/ Vaporizing MMJ

Vaporizers heat cured Hemp to temperatures just below combustion point. The Hemp is brought to a temperature hot enough to release active compounds without smoking it up. The compounds, now called vape, are then inhaled from the vaporizer. The smell of hemp on your breath, though present, will not be as pronounced as if you had smoked your MMJ directly.


  • Vape is not as harsh on the lungs as regular Marijuana smoke.
  • It provides the same instantaneous relief associated with smoking.
  • Vaping is not as prejudiced as smoking.


  • The vaporizer must be warmed up before use.

This means that you might not be able to use the vaporizer to address an urgent medical need like pain relief in the case of chronic pain.

  • Vaporizers can be quite expensive.
  • Battery-powered vaporizers need constant recharging.

3. MMJ Edibles And Beverages

Here, food is cooked with MMJ additives. It is now possible to create edibles without the distinct taste of Marijuana. Edibles are excellent for kids. Smoking and vaping would be considered a little too extreme for a child’s treatment.


  • Effects obtained from culinary MMJ lasts longer than both vaping and smoking.
  • It is excellent for kids.
  • It is excellent for patients with breathing conditions that may not allow vaping or smoking.
  • It is very easy to regulate dosages.


  • Effects of the MMJ take very long to kick in.
  • Edibles must fast pass through the digestive system before moving into the blood stream.
  • Edibles run the risk of falling into the wrong hands. Pets are especially troublesome.

4. Sub-Lingual Sprays/ Tinctures.

Here, Cannabinoids are dissolved to form highly-absorbable solutions. The solutions are then used to make sublingual sprays which are then sprayed under the tongue. The MMJ solution will then be absorbed into the bloodstream through the thin skin under the tongue.


  • Dosage control is possible even for very small doses.
  • Excellent for patients with breathing conditions.
  • Safe enough for use by kids.
  • ‘Weedy’ taste is very mild if at all present.


  • Effects of MMJ do not kick in as fast as they do when MMJ is inhaled.
  • They are expensive and, therefore, disadvantageous for patients that require high Cannabinoid doses.

5. MMJ Topicals

Here, Cannabinoids are extracted in oil form. The topicals are, however, only used for external use. The oils are excellent for inflammations.


  • Patients do not react adversely to MMJ oils.
  • They are excellent for the treatment of localized skin issues.
  • Topicals do not have psychoactive effects.


  • They do not handle internal conditions.

6. MMJ Patches.

Medical Marijuana patches are attached to clean, hairless skin patches. They are rich in Cannabinoids that enter the bloodstream through the skin.


  • Excellent for patients with adverse breathing conditions.
  • Dosage can be regulated.


  • Some patients develop allergic reactions to the patches.
  • Hairy people have to shave before they can use the patches.

Legalities Controlling Medical Marijuana In Florida

A Florida MMJ card gives a patient the rights to access Medical Marijuana in Florida. There are, however, strict legal requirements that have to be met before an MMJ card is issued.

Legalities regulate both physicians and patients. Let us have a quick overview of the MMJ legal process in Florida.

Legal Requirements For Physicians

Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors must satisfy the following legal requirements. Failure to comply with any of the governing Florida Laws nullifies their power to recommend patients for Medical Marijuana.

1. Must be a practicing physician with a valid license as described by Florida Law.

2. Must be registered with the Florida Compassionate Use Registry.

3. Physicians must register their patients with the Compassionate Use Patient Registry.

4. They must make quarterly submissions of all their patient treatment plans to the University Of Florida College Of Pharmacy.

5. Physicians may recommend no more than a forty-five day supply of Medical Marijuana.

6. Under-age, MMJ recommendation must be confirmed by at least one more physician.

Legal Requirements For Patients

1. Patients must be Florida residents.

2. Must be registered with the Florida DOH (Department Of Health).

3. Patient must have a documented condition treatable by Medical Marijuana as defined under the Compassionate Act.

4. The patient’s condition must be unresponsive to conventional treatments.

Once the law is satisfied and one of many Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors has handed you an MMJ card, you need to find your way to MMJ dispensary.

Below is a list of MMJ dispensaries in the state of Florida.

Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensaries By City

1. Trulieve
24761 US Highway 19 North 630
Clearwater, FL 33763

2. Trulieve
8701 North Dale Mabry Highway
Tampa, FL 33614

3. Surterra Therapeutics
2558 E Fowler AVE,
Tampa FL 33612

4. Trulieve
800 Capital Circle SE
Tallahassee, FL 32301

5. Surterra Therapeutics
1639 Village Square Blvd
Tallahassee, FL 32309

6. Trulieve
3119 North Davis Highway
Pensacola, FL 32503

7. Trulieve
4020 Northwest 26th Street
Miami, FL 33142

8. Knox Medical
1901N. Orange Ave
Orlando, Florida, 32804

9. Trulieve
4020 Northwest 26th Street
Miami, FL 3314

10. Modern Health Concepts
19000 SW 192nd Street
Miami, FL 33187

11. Knox Medical
3400 SW34th Street
Gainesville, Florida, 32608

Medical Marijuana Doctors

The search for a Florida MMJ card begins and ends with a good Medical Marijuana doctor but searching for one can be a daunting task. Green Health ( has assembled a competent team of medical doctors to save you the trouble.

They assess your qualifications for MMJ online and, process your Florida MMJ card in record times. They even process the MMJ card to be wallet-sized for your convenience.

Green Health also offers time-tested strategies to help you get the best out of your medication. Their offices are located all over Florida and they welcome you to consultations or a casual meet-up. Green Health is there through every step of your recovery.

To schedule an appointment, just click on ‘SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT’ on the homepage at


Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors Providing MMJ Cards to Patients with Qualifying Conditions

California - A Beautiful & Sunny Location for Drug Rehab and Sobriety

California – A Beautiful & Sunny Location for Drug Rehab and Sobriety

What Makes A Good California Drug Rehabilitation Center?

About 45% of all Emergency Room visits are drug related. In fact, substance abuse claims more lives than either vehicular accidents or firearms. The drug menace that plagues America is difficult to ignore.

Drugs are the leading causes of avoidable deaths in developed countries.

Rehabilitation centers have become the only relief for people battling addictions and other abuse complications. Most centers offer inpatient programs for varying degrees of dependency.

These centers have become increasingly popular in the last decade. There are practically hundreds of centers in California alone.

With so many centers available, it is important to know how to pick out the best. Below are factors to consider when choosing a rehabilitation facility.

CARF Certification

CARF (Commission on Accreditation Of Rehabilitation Facilities) is one certification to look out for. CARF validates the standards of organizations offering human services worldwide. It has been around since 1966 and has built a solid reputation as a no-compromise organization.

Any rehab center worth its salt must have the certification.

Some abuse cases, like addiction to opioids, require a clinical supervision of the recovery process. CARF certification guarantees you of a center’s clinical capabilities. Popular centers like Ocean Hills proudly display the certification on their homepage.

Success Rates

The success rate is a measure of how effective a rehab’s programs are at treating drug-related issues. The higher the success rate, the better a center is for treating addictions.

Success rate takes into account data from patients who have completed their respective programs. It does not consider patients who drop out of treatment prematurely.

The ability to see patients through a program is, however, vital for any center. In some cases, the success rate may be very high but at the expense of a high dropout rate.

Ocean Hills Recovery has very low dropout rates. Their 73% success rate is very impressive when dropout and relapse is taken into consideration.

Comfortable Inpatient Facilities

Nothing motivates patients to escape from rehab centers faster than the feeling of imprisonment. A center for drug treatment needs to feel more like a vacation than a punishment.

Comfort increases an inpatient’s chances of staying through the whole rehabilitation program by up to 67.8%. California’s picturesque landscape is what has made her rehab Centers so popular among Americans.

A tight everyday schedule also keeps inpatients busy and less likely to quit. Take time to consider a center’s daily activities before choosing it. The schedule should be tight enough to avoid idleness without being exhausting.

Services Offered

Like any other investment you make, you want a bang for each buck. Centers differ in the number of services they offer. You want a center that will provide all drug-related treatments under one roof.

Ocean Hills Recovery, for example, offers extensive services. The versatility improves both its success rate and client satisfaction. You can get anything from detox to intervention services from the facility.

Intervention is an especially tricky part that requires the help of professionals. Ocean Hills goes as far as sending professionals to help you plan and execute an intervention.

A poorly orchestrated intervention will see the patient become defensive. Chances that a patient will enroll into a rehab center willingly drop the moment he or she is backed into a corner and becomes defensive.

Financial Flexibility

Rehab services can be quite costly. It helps if a center is flexible on payment methods. A good rehab center, for example, should allow you to verify your insurance online. This way your time and money are saved.
Ocean Hills Recovery Center, for example, accepts a wide range of insurances. They have a list of accepted insurances on their site. If at all insurance does not cover rehab costs, Ocean Hills guides clients to other financial options.

Finally, a victim of drug abuse needs a lot of support. Even as you look to help loved ones overcome addictions, remember that addiction is a disease. They are sick and need your support if they are to beat the disease. Your commitment to the treatment is as important as the patient’s commitment.

Why California Drug Rehab Centers Don't Exploit Addiction - They Treat It

Why California Drug Rehab Centers Don’t Exploit Addiction – They Treat It

Treatment Methods Used by California Drug Rehab Centers

The best way to escape a compulsive cycle of alcohol or drug abuse is by joining a drug or alcohol addiction treatment program. In California, drug rehab centers use certain practical methods that help people with addictions function in everyday life. These methods are not exploitative and have been time tested to help treat many forms of addiction.

Quitting drug or alcohol addiction can be tough if support is not provided. People who are struggling with substance abuse need guidance to fight the habit and part of the treatment plan will involve learning new alternatives that can help them change and adopt a new, healthier lifestyle. California drug rehab centers provide professional treatment specialists who are trained in providing care and not exploiting pain. They understand that a person dependent on drugs is going through a period of difficulty, pain, and challenge. So they are committed to creating treatment programs that will treat the addiction and introduce their patients back into normal life.

The Treatment Processes Used by California Drug Rehab Centers

One of the important factors during treatment of substance abuse is honesty. A treatment program must encourage the patient, to be honest with themselves, accept reality, and explore their feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. This is the first step because it helps reveal the reason behind the substance abuse.

When planning a treatment program, rehabilitation experts take certain factors into consideration. These can range from the type of substance abused to the behavioral pattern of the patient. If the person struggling with the addiction has a compulsive personality, then doctors want to know this so they can create a custom treatment program that will suit that persons need. Some treatment processes are common in every rehabilitation process. These processes may vary in application from one center to another but have the same core expectations.

Detoxification is a Key Treatment Method

Before a patient can start the healing process, they must completely rid their system of substances. This is done by detoxifying and will create a period of withdrawal. Managing withdrawal is the most difficult part of detoxing, and any person going through withdrawal will need care and support during that time. It can be a short withdrawal period and can sometimes last as long as it takes the patient to stabilize physically and mentally.

Detoxification can be carried out in different ways and is dependent on the particular types of substances used, and the spectrum of withdrawal symptoms. Some of the common choices are opioid detox, alcohol detox, cold-turkey detox and much more.

Behavioral Counseling is Vital to Ensure Change

A behavioral counseling treatment program will help the patient look at their situation realistically and learn stress management and coping techniques. If the person has a medical condition or any co-occurring psychological or psychiatric disorders behavioral counseling will address these issues. The purpose of this method is help modify a patient’s attitude and behavior to substance use. It will increase healthy life skills and can persist with other forms of treatment like medication.

Medication is Sometimes Required During Treatment

Medications help in suppressing withdrawal symptoms during a detox program. It will help patients re-establish normal brain activities and decrease substance cravings. There are also other treatments used for mental health conditions, such as depression or anxiety. These alternative therapies are used to treat any co-occurring conditions that contribute to the person’s addiction.

Patient Follow-up Will Prevent Relapse

California drug rehab centers do not close the books on a patient when their treatment is over. Recovering from drug and alcohol abuse is a long-term struggle; therefore it shouldn’t be handled in a short-term period. Drug rehab centers in California understand this and follow-up on patients to prevent a relapse.

Substance abuse rehabilitation in California ranges from free clinics to the best luxury centers. But no matter the type of clinic you choose for yourself, friend or family, one thing is constant: they will focus on providing top-notch care that is thoughtful of the patient’s pain and suffering. These rehab centers will not only treat substance abuse but will also treat other related problems.

Crime Rates and California Drug Rehab Programs - Is There a Link-

Crime Rates and California Drug Rehab Programs – Is There a Link?

Why rehab programs can help minimize crime rates in California cities

Drugs & major crimes – What’s the connection?

There’s no way to get around it. When it comes to drugs (sales, illegal sales, narcotics, possession, etc), crimes occur. For this very reason, in areas where there is a high level of illegal sales, consumption, and drug use, crime rates tend to go up. With the inclusion of California drug rehab programs in certain major metropolitan areas however, crime rates seem to go down. This is a trend in CA, as well as around the country.

Why rehab can help minimize crime rates

With California drug rehab programs in place, taking consumers (buyers), is a simple solution to ending the major epidemic of illegal street sales. It is also a way to help get dangerous, malignant individuals off the streets. By minimizing the sale and consumption of drugs on the streets, it is obvious that crime rates are going to go down. So there is a link between crime rates and rehab programs and facilities, both for the positive and negative. With more rehab programs in place, and more patients entering such programs, the sale/consumption rates decrease. This is naturally going to reduce some of the dangerous crimes which are taking place in certain cities and areas of the state.

Funding rehab programs to help better local communities

New legislation such as the painkiller tax, is one such way in which the state can help increase viable California drug rehab programs for those who need it most, and can’t afford it. By simply taxing suppliers, wholesalers, and manufacturers, a small tax will help fund more rehab programs and facilities. In turn, those who can’t afford rehab, or aren’t in rehab facilities, will have more opportunities to enter a program, get clean, and will be able to afford such rehab treatment they are going to receive. Of course this not only means fewer illegal sales are going to occur, it also means there are going to be fewer cases of deadly crimes, and fewer crimes related to the sale and consumption of illegal street drugs.

Is it possible to end crime?

The answer to this question is, unfortunately not. No matter how many bills, acts, taxes, or penalties are enforced, it is impossible to completely eliminate crimes which occur in any city. Especially in major metropolitan areas where these crimes seem to run rampant. With this in mind, we do see that there are trends, studies, and research which proves that by eliminating a portion of the illegal sale and consumption, and illegal trafficking of drugs, crime rates are naturally going to reduce in these areas. So the crime will not completely go away, but with more rehab programs and facilities in place, with more funding available to assist those who can’t afford it, and with more opportunities to help get people off the streets, crime rates will naturally begin to dissipate in certain areas.

Why crime rates seem to be higher in areas where rehab programs are in effect

Knowing that there are people coming in and out of rehab, is a simple way for drug dealers to try and target young people, or those who’ve been addicts for years. Although rehab programs are in place to assist, the simple fact of the matter is that they won’t reach every single patient that walks in the doors. With a huge market, drug dealers and those who engage in illegal sale and consumption of drugs, will flock to areas where rehab programs and facilities are in place, trying to help users get clean.

There’s no way around the fact that drugs, illegal sale and consumption, and use, are going to be linked to higher crime rates. However, with taxes, legislation, and funding in place to help addicts get clean, it is possible to at least minimize the crime rates, and possibly reduce the total number of deadly crimes which occur in these areas.

Rapper DMX Checks Into Drug Rehab Center in California

Rapper DMX Checks Into Drug Rehab Center in California

What We Learn From DMX And His Substance Abuse

DMX is a 46-year-old rapper. He is among the first crop of entertainers that popularized the ‘Gangsta Rap’ Genre in the 90s.

DMX was born Earl Simmons on the 18th of December the year 1970. He broke into the mainstream rap scene in the 90s. His Ruff Rydaz outfit had a near cultic following.

DMX is also an accomplished actor. He has starred in blockbuster films like ‘Cradle To The Grave’ and ‘Romeo Must Die.’ Like many other celebrities, however, DMX has struggled with substance abuse for the better part of his career. He is documented to abuse a wide array of substances. His arrest warrants range from possession of Marijuana, Cocaine, to the occasional DUI.

Some time ago the rapper was resuscitated by first responders after he was found unresponsive in a parking lot. He even got a shot of Narcan. Narcan is an opioid blocker used to mitigate the effects of a heroin overdose.

The good news is that on the 27th of April 2017, the rapper checked himself into a drug rehab center in California. He courageously canceled a string of shows for his health’s sake. Here are some things we should all learn from DMX.

1. Rehab Is Not For Losers

Many people view enrollment into rehab as a sign of weakness. That is very far from the truth. It takes a strong man to admit a substance problem. It takes an even stronger man to put his loved ones first and seek help.

Understand that addiction is not a condition affecting people who failed in life. Even a casual look at the biography of DMX will show you that he is no failure. Before 30 years of age, he had achieved what very few achieve in a whole lifetime. The fact that he has struggled with substance abuse shows you that addiction is not a preserve for losers.

In fact, a survey revealed that close to 81% of Hollywood residents abuse one or more substances.

2. It Is Not Over Until It Is Truly Is

This is not the first time DMX has checked into rehab. If you have ever checked into rehab and relapsed, learn from him. You keep on pushing until something gives. The worst thing you can do in the fight against addiction is to give up.

It is a scientific fact that persistence wears out resistance. If you persist long enough, if you push hard enough, every addiction collapses. Always remember this statistic, 100% of all who give up the fight die of drug-related complications.

Finally, it is important to consider the success rates of rehab centers. The higher the rate, the greater the chance you will get the help you need.

3. Stop Whatever It Is You Are Doing

DMX canceled a series of shows to check into rehab. That takes a lot of discipline. To put the event into context, remember that DMX is an entertainer. He can perform while high and make his money. He chose not to.

Many people, on the other hand, postpone rehab. That is very dangerous. Addiction and overall substance abuse is a ticking time bomb. Nothing is more important for an addict than for him or her to check into a rehabilitation center.

4. Family Matters.

The reason DMX has been so courageous in his fight is due to family. His manager Pat Gallo and ex-wife Tashera Simmons have helped him a lot. They informed his decision to check into a Drug Rehab Center in California.

Encouragement and advice at this time are invaluable to a patient.

If a loved falls victim to substance abuse, you have a duty to point them in the right direction. Even though the decision to join a rehab facility must come from them, victims rarely decide to join on their accord.

Family and friends need to be sympathetic but firm when suggesting rehab.

Before approaching the victim, however, it would help if professionals were invited. A wrong approach could make the victim feel cornered and become defensive.

We wish DMX a quick recovery.

Blog Management Provider

Where Your Blog Management Service Provider Could Be Missing the Mark

Hold Blog Managers to High Standards

Your audience deserves solutions to their problems, answers to their questions and good quality, engaging blog content. You already know this. You’re also pretty sure it would help build your brand, increase your presence in search engines and be an asset in creating exposure. There’s solid advantages to maintaining an updated blog. Of all digital marketing investments, it ranks at the top.

However, you’re swamped and short on time. Updating your blog with new and insightful posts just isn’t something you can handle on your own.



Blog Management Service Improvements for Better Content


Maybe you tried to ditch the work onto an employee but found that keeping content creation in-house is a huge bottleneck. It slows down their productivity, they get writer’s block pretty easily because it’s not one of their primary skills, and overall your business suffers.

You originally hired them for a reason and trying to create a jack-of-all-trades employee out of someone who’s better suited working on other projects usually doesn’t work.

Eventually, you landed on outsourcing content creation to a blog management provider. This is someone, or perhaps a company, that manages the process of researching keywords, brainstorming topic ideas and writing quality posts. At least, in theory. It doesn’t always go according to plan and every provider has differing levels of content quality. This is especially true if you’re outsourcing to freelancers. However, you should at least be getting new content for your blog out of your service provider, so let’s start there.

Is the content better than your competitors?

The most important aspect of a blog management service is whether the content offers genuine value to your audience.

Content that’s engaging and captivates the attention of readers is what performs best on the web. The best way to judge your content’s engagement level is to ask yourself if it’s any better than the content of your competitors?

Content that just rehashes previously shared ideas or information won’t build your brand or expand your audience. You need to be the authority in your niche that’s actually pushing new content out that hasn’t been previously published.

Is the content search engine optimized?

Every blog management service provider will tell you their content is fully search engine optimized, It will “rank #1 for your target keywords, dominate your competitors, and drive traffic to your website.” In truth, that rarely happens because ranking in search engines isn’t easy. The web is competitive. There’s often hundreds, sometimes thousands of other websites writing about that exact same topics you are. What makes your content so special? To start, it has to have the on-page basics that are necessary to rank. This includes:An optimized META title (This is the title shown to users in search engines)

  • An optimized META description (This is the description shown to users in search engines)
  • An H1 Tag (This is the primary title for the page)
  • An H2 Tag (This is the secondary title for the page/subtitle)
  • H3 Tags (These are section/paragraph titles)
  • Images with ALT text (Alternative text is a short description of the image for search engines)

If your blog management service doesn’t provide each an every one of these very minimal on-page elements, then their content isn’t search engine optimized. That means you’re not getting a service that gives you a fair chance of ranking in search engines and outperforming your competitors.

Are they promoting your content?

Once your content is published, most blog management providers do absolutely no content promotion or syndication. That means no links, and ultimately, Google hardly know your content exists, let alone that it’s actually well written and valuable to searchers.

Many digital marketing experts say that you should be promoting your content for 3-5x as long as it took you to write it. That means if it took 4 hours to create, 12 – 20 additional hours should be spent on promotion.

Content marketing relies on social shares, links from influencers and content syndication. Your blog content simply won’t attract an audience on its own. Only when your readership is large enough will direct traffic be immediate and promotion-free.

Ask questions and don’t be afraid to demand a better service

Ultimately, the quality of service you’re willing to receive is going to have an impact on your online success.

Blog management is more than just great content. In today’s competitive online landscape, you can be the best writer in your niche but without the right optimization and promotion techniques, you’ll struggle to drive traffic and build an audience.

Think about the three areas I’ve mentioned above. If your blog management service could be improved, it probably has to do with one of these three areas.

If you don’t feel like your provider is absolutely killing it, then keep looking. It may even be a budget issue and perhaps you’re not paying enough to take advantage of everything your service provider is capable of offering. Some blog management providers don’t touch the promotional side of things at all, but their pricing should reflect this.  Talk to your provider and find out what it would cost to hit on every aspect of content creation, optimization and promotion, or see if they have recommendations on who you can go to for these services.

Dylan Bozeman is a writer and blog management service provider. He specializes in helping businesses improve their content and achieve better optimization and promotion through digital, inbound marketing strategies.


granite kitchen countertops

Custom Kitchen Renovation Ideas with Granite Kitchen Countertops

From traditional to contemporary, granite stone is used in creating amazing interior designs that stand out. Kitchen countertops made with granite are great looking no matter the design or pattern. These types of counters tops will instantly transform any ordinary kitchen into a well defined modern cooking space.

Granite is unmatched and tough to beat when it comes to durability. Its properties make it scratch and heat resistant; it can take heat up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. When it is sealed properly, it can also be stain and water resistant. What makes granite even more impressive is the limitless designs available. Below are some custom renovation ideas with granite kitchen countertops:

1. Get a timeless look with cream

Cream Granite CountertopsDesign trends will come and go, but some designs never go out of style. If you want your new kitchen to stand the test of time and still look gorgeous decades from now, consider incorporating a creamy timeless design. White and cream granite kitchen countertops will give your cooking space a clean, fresh sanitary feel that is classic.

Many people go for a contrast look with warm white cabinets and dark counter tops. But cream cabinets can also be paired with a lighter granite counter to give your kitchen that timeless look. This design is sometimes called a minimalist look and can be kept even simpler with cream walls, flooring and matching kitchen accents. Remodeling with subdued colors doesn’t mean your kitchen will end up boring, or that cream is your only option. Try different light shades of light gray, green or blue.

The accents used to adorn your kitchen doesn’t have to be all pale colors. With muted blues and grays, you can achieve an entirely new look with little effort.

2. Corbels are perfect for a vintage look

traditional granite countertopsCorbels can add charm and character to your granite counter. Use it as a countertop support for a vintage look. Corbels will soften the corners of your countertop and give your kitchen a Grecian or Roman look depending on your kitchen design.

These antic looking accessories come in different sizes, so if you want them to provide real support, make sure the size complements your countertop overhang. Offered in in a variety of styles, and materials, choose a wooden corbel design that is artistically carved, finely sanded, and perfect with your granite top pattern.

3. Combine granite with other material

modern granite countertopsGranite is a popular choice made by most people and adds drama to backsplashes, islands, and other kitchen surfaces. It also looks great when combined with other materials. If you fancy an eclectic kitchen island, mix and match granite with wood or laminate for a practical design. You can do this by installing a slab of granite at the end of a wooden or laminate island. You will create an interesting visual effect and also enjoy the benefits offered by other surfaces.

Mixing countertop materials can save you a bundle and give your kitchen that modern look. A wooden countertop might not be a good option for your home because it requires care and maintenance. However, it is one of the cheapest kitchen makeover ideas available and will look great with your granite slab.

4. Coordinate your granite kitchen countertop and backsplash

beach granite countertopsCoordinate your kitchen beautifully by choosing stones that complement your countertop. If you are swapping out your old countertop for a new one, then it will be easier to use the same granite for the backsplash and the countertop. However, If you already have a beautiful slab and plan to remodel other parts of your kitchen, pair up your existing countertop pattern with a backsplash that will blend well with your granite.

After choosing a suitable granite kitchen countertop, the next step is getting a backsplash that works. There are so many different colors and designs. Some are subtle, some are bright, while some come with bold veined patterns. Matching these swooping designs can be hard, and many people tend to coordinate pattern with pattern.

If your kitchen already has a slab, it might be difficult to get the exact pattern to work with, so consider pairing slab designs and choose backsplashes that are aesthetically pleasing to revamp your kitchen completely.

5. Bask in oddly shaped islands and granite countertops

granite kitchen countertopsKitchen granite counters come in regular shapes like U, L, squares, rectangles, and oval shapes. If you are looking for something different, try oddly shaped granite tops. These shapes might throw off the rest of your kitchen, but with some simple changes, you can make it work.

An ‘S’ shaped granite island is a great shape for more than one cook and will fair well with retro kitchen stools. With an ‘S’ shape island, cooking, entertaining and relaxing in the kitchen is enjoyable. The countertop is not he only oddly shaped fixture that can work with this look. A weird shaped sink or tabletop can also make a memorable mark in your remodeled kitchen.

Whether your kitchen is overdue for a makeover or if you are planning on getting a new kitchen fitted, these ideas can help improve the layout and overall design. Before choosing a granite kitchen countertop, consider the pattern and how it will blend with your other furniture. Your accents are the tools you will need to tweak your kitchen color and theme effectively. Choosing bright colored accents will give your kitchen area a cheery feel and can update any kitchen without major renovation work. Also, a dash of color in a kitchen that has mainly pale hues will quickly add pizzazz to the kitchen space.

But most importantly, the granite kitchen countertop that you choose will say a lot about your kitchen than any other furniture. Take into consideration the color, texture, pattern and finishing of the slab. You want your piece to be stylish, while also fitting in with the rest of your decor. Because this is your centerpiece, you should make sure that the surrounding fixtures blend the color.

Mending Relationships Through Sobriety at Couples Rehab

Couples Drug Rehab in California Mending Relationships Through Sobriety

How Couples Can Overcome The Cycle Of Addiction And The Ravages Of Co-Dependent Behavior

Addiction is often something that couples experience together. In some instances, however, one person may be struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, while the other offers a dangerous form of co-dependent support that only exacerbates and prolongs the addiction. With couples drug rehab in California, drug and alcohol-dependent adults can discover strategies for promoting healthy, balanced and substance-free lives. Following are some of the impressive benefits that this form of treatment can provide.

Basic Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Before couples are able to make any progress in their relationships, they have to focus on getting free from their addictions. This starts with a medically supervised detoxification process. This is followed by independent and group therapy. This counseling exists as part of couples drug rehab in California to help people identify the underlying causes of their addictions, learn new coping mechanisms, and set feasible goals for their futures. Throughout these efforts, all parties are encouraged to make their own health and sobriety their top priorities. The professionals offering couples drug rehab in California assert that healthy relationships are only possible when each partner has been able to achieve physical, mental and emotional health on his or her own.

Identifying Co-Dependent Behaviors

People in relationships that are constantly challenged by drug or alcohol addiction should be cognizant of the roles that they play in supporting undesirable and potentially detrimental behaviors. In these unions, both partners must be committed to getting clean and sober. Moreover, both partners must be committed to making sobriety their top priorities. When one person uses and the other does not, identifying and breaking co-dependent behaviors becomes essential as as well. Just as recovering addicts must learn more about the underlying causes of their addictive behaviors, co-dependent partners must learn more about the underlying causes of their co-dependent habits.

Assessing The Health And Viability Of Relationships Through Couples Counseling

Throughout the course of couples drug rehab in California, some people find that they are no longer working to preserve healthy relationships. This is often the case when one person fails to commit to sobriety, however, co-dependent partners may not be willing to change their attitudes and behaviors in a way that offers recovering addicts the encouragement and support they need. The counselors who work as part of couples drug rehab in California can help people assess the viability and safety of their relationships, particularly as these things relate to their long-term recovery plans.

Learning New Communication Skills And Coping Strategies

Couples counseling is a large part of couples drug rehab in California. Relationships can be a tremendous source of both joy and stress. Through counseling, each person can learn how to leverage their relationships to achieve greater balance, bliss and motivation going forward. Communication is key for ensuring success in these endeavors. Couples are encouraged to learn active listening skills and to become more adept in expressing their emotions. Not only is good communication vital for avoiding misunderstandings and for making personal needs known to partners, but it is also critical for mitigating relationship stress. Additional coping strategies are taught during couples counseling so that relationship stress is never allowed to compromise individual recovery efforts.

Making Amends

Couples drug rehab in California often adheres to the 12-step program for recovery. These steps encourage personal accountability, forgiveness, and a willingness to admit and correct past mistakes. In personal relationships, however, it is just as important for recovering addicts to receive forgiveness and permission to move forward with their lives, as it is for these individuals to seek it. Co-dependent partners are also encouraged to understand the roles that they have played in supporting addictive behaviors. This level of accountability is vital for ensuring that both parties are able to approach the relationship with a clean slate. Couples counselors can help people walk through particularly difficult issues, memories and events so that they’re able to move beyond these things in a positive, proactive and mutually beneficial way.