drug rehab demand spikes marijuana usage

California Drug Rehab Centers See Demand Spikes Following Increases in Marijuana Usage

More marijuana users are turning to rehab versus making their addiction worst

Marijuana and addiction

In years past, we’ve heard time and time again that marijuana isn’t addictive. And, even in cases where people were long term users or heavy smokers, they weren’t adversely affected by it. If this were the case, why has such a huge spike in inpatient rehab in local California drug rehab centers come from marijuana smokers? The main reason for such jumps in patients visiting and staying in rehab for marijuana addiction stem from the fact that more and more research has been performed, and people are realizing the detrimental nature of marijuana on the brain, nervous system, immune system, and users’ overall health.

Treating addiction with other drugs is counterproductive

Time and time again, different approaches have been used in treating addiction. One such approach was relying on prescription medication to treat marijuana, as well as other substance abuse issues. The simple fact of the matter is that this simply does not work. Treating an addiction with something which is potentially addictive (prescription drugs/pills), is simply putting a person who is prone to overuse, in a conducive situation they shouldn’t be put in. The only way to fight and treat addiction is to choose the top California drug rehab centers for inpatient treatment.

Inpatient treatment provides a clean and sober environment

There are a number of reasons why California drug rehab centers are the premier destination for marijuana users when trying to kick the habit. The simple fact is that when users are placed in situations, around people, or situations where they can use the drug, or feel a need to use the drug, they are going to fall back to old habits. They are going to smoke recreation-ally, or use regularly in order to fit in with the crowd. By placing a person who has abuse issues in an inpatient facility or center, they do not have the opportunity to fall back onto those old habits. They are taken away from the people, the places, and the situations or circumstances which initially led them down the path to drug use. They learn to live their lives without marijuana, as well as other addictive substances for that matter.

People who get treatment are more successful in long-term sobriety

Again, in years past, it was always said that marijuana was not addictive. It would not cause damage to the body, it would not be detrimental to one’s ability to function, nor would it cause other harm. It was a recreational drug, and most people thought nothing more of it. With more and more studies being conducted, more research proving this to be erroneous, and more people learning about the physical and mental detriments marijuana use actually poses, they are relying on inpatient treatment in an effort to kick the habit, and live a clean, drug free life.

How inpatient facilities can help

Above we discussed why people are choosing rehab centers for help. Some of the reasons it is the only alternative include the simple fact that they are highly trained doctors, nurses, and medical professionals who can help. Counselors and psychologists are present to help users through the struggles of withdrawal. There is simply no way to get the drugs into the facility, meaning there is no danger or threat of the person wanting to use, or finding a way to sneak it in, while they are trying to get clean. Quitting “cold turkey” is not an option, it is the only way to become and stay drug free. With inpatient treatment centers, not only are patients far more successful in their endeavors, they are also going to have professional help and guidance around the clock, to help them through difficult periods.

What was considered recreational years ago, has now become a hot topic issue as it pertains to abuse and the dangers of marijuana. For these reasons, more and more drug rehab centers have been providing treatment, and seeing more patients walk through their doors in an effort to get clean after years of marijuana abuse.