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Where Your Blog Management Service Provider Could Be Missing the Mark

Hold Blog Managers to High Standards

Your audience deserves solutions to their problems, answers to their questions and good quality, engaging blog content. You already know this. You’re also pretty sure it would help build your brand, increase your presence in search engines and be an asset in creating exposure. There’s solid advantages to maintaining an updated blog. Of all digital marketing investments, it ranks at the top.

However, you’re swamped and short on time. Updating your blog with new and insightful posts just isn’t something you can handle on your own.



Blog Management Service Improvements for Better Content


Maybe you tried to ditch the work onto an employee but found that keeping content creation in-house is a huge bottleneck. It slows down their productivity, they get writer’s block pretty easily because it’s not one of their primary skills, and overall your business suffers.

You originally hired them for a reason and trying to create a jack-of-all-trades employee out of someone who’s better suited working on other projects usually doesn’t work.

Eventually, you landed on outsourcing content creation to a blog management provider. This is someone, or perhaps a company, that manages the process of researching keywords, brainstorming topic ideas and writing quality posts. At least, in theory. It doesn’t always go according to plan and every provider has differing levels of content quality. This is especially true if you’re outsourcing to freelancers. However, you should at least be getting new content for your blog out of your service provider, so let’s start there.

Is the content better than your competitors?

The most important aspect of a blog management service is whether the content offers genuine value to your audience.

Content that’s engaging and captivates the attention of readers is what performs best on the web. The best way to judge your content’s engagement level is to ask yourself if it’s any better than the content of your competitors?

Content that just rehashes previously shared ideas or information won’t build your brand or expand your audience. You need to be the authority in your niche that’s actually pushing new content out that hasn’t been previously published.

Is the content search engine optimized?

Every blog management service provider will tell you their content is fully search engine optimized, It will “rank #1 for your target keywords, dominate your competitors, and drive traffic to your website.” In truth, that rarely happens because ranking in search engines isn’t easy. The web is competitive. There’s often hundreds, sometimes thousands of other websites writing about that exact same topics you are. What makes your content so special? To start, it has to have the on-page basics that are necessary to rank. This includes:An optimized META title (This is the title shown to users in search engines)

  • An optimized META description (This is the description shown to users in search engines)
  • An H1 Tag (This is the primary title for the page)
  • An H2 Tag (This is the secondary title for the page/subtitle)
  • H3 Tags (These are section/paragraph titles)
  • Images with ALT text (Alternative text is a short description of the image for search engines)

If your blog management service doesn’t provide each an every one of these very minimal on-page elements, then their content isn’t search engine optimized. That means you’re not getting a service that gives you a fair chance of ranking in search engines and outperforming your competitors.

Are they promoting your content?

Once your content is published, most blog management providers do absolutely no content promotion or syndication. That means no links, and ultimately, Google hardly know your content exists, let alone that it’s actually well written and valuable to searchers.

Many digital marketing experts say that you should be promoting your content for 3-5x as long as it took you to write it. That means if it took 4 hours to create, 12 – 20 additional hours should be spent on promotion.

Content marketing relies on social shares, links from influencers and content syndication. Your blog content simply won’t attract an audience on its own. Only when your readership is large enough will direct traffic be immediate and promotion-free.

Ask questions and don’t be afraid to demand a better service

Ultimately, the quality of service you’re willing to receive is going to have an impact on your online success.

Blog management is more than just great content. In today’s competitive online landscape, you can be the best writer in your niche but without the right optimization and promotion techniques, you’ll struggle to drive traffic and build an audience.

Think about the three areas I’ve mentioned above. If your blog management service could be improved, it probably has to do with one of these three areas.

If you don’t feel like your provider is absolutely killing it, then keep looking. It may even be a budget issue and perhaps you’re not paying enough to take advantage of everything your service provider is capable of offering. Some blog management providers don’t touch the promotional side of things at all, but their pricing should reflect this.  Talk to your provider and find out what it would cost to hit on every aspect of content creation, optimization and promotion, or see if they have recommendations on who you can go to for these services.

Dylan Bozeman is a writer and blog management service provider. He specializes in helping businesses improve their content and achieve better optimization and promotion through digital, inbound marketing strategies.