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GreenHealth – Cannabis Evaluation for Florida Medical Marijuana Cards

What is Green Health?

GreenHealth is a registered Florida-based healthcare network that was founded with the aim of educating and providing patients with natural, alternative treatment options. Our mission is to be a leading cannabis industry provider, and with a trusted team of specialists who work hard to individualize effective treatment plans for each patient, we are able to offer patients a better path to holistic wellness. Through careful evaluation and expertise, we’ve been able to improve the healthcare of patients all over Florida using medical marijuana.

In line with our objective to be an ideal and convenient provider of general wellness, we’ve partnered with qualified physicians who operate in locations across these cities in Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and St Petersburg). What we stand for is patient convenience, protecting medical records and privacy, while ensuring that patients can get the right treatment for their condition when needed. It is why we’ve made sure to provide 24/7 availability for verification and continue to facilitate legal backing of all our patients to ensure that the Florida Medical Marijuana Cards obtained are valid under the current medical marijuana laws.

At, we do our best to make sure all patients who qualify can afford the necessary treatment plans. Our well-versed medical and legal professionals also strive to increase awareness about and improve access to medical marijuana in Florida.

A background on medical marijuana in Florida

Many states have legalized the use of medical marijuana in the United States and Florida is now one of them. However, a set of rules as per the second Amendment of the state aids, and regulates the industry moving forward. The amendment stipulates on who qualifies, the eligible ailments and the process of becoming a medical marijuana patient. It is important to note that any qualified patient must poses certification from a licensed doctor as provided by the amendment. They must  be cleared by a marijuana doctor before lawfully attaining the right to use marijuana for remedial purposes. Once one has been cleared, he/she is issued their medical marijuana card.

In Florida, different entities work hand in hand with qualified doctors to enhance Medical Marijuana accessibility by issuing the cards. GreenHealth is one such entity. GreenHealth Provides Florida Medical Marijuana Cards from Qualified Doctors. Among other qualifications that one must meet to be termed a Florida medical marijuana patient are:

  • Must be 18 years and above
  • Must be a resident of Florida with proof. Among things considered as proof are the state’s I.D and a passport. In case you lack one of the mentioned documents, a photo ID backed by a utility bill obtained from the state is also accepted.
  • It is also important to note that a patient should have tried other means of treatment before settling on medical marijuana use. This has to be proven by a doctor that the previous medication was unsuccessful.
  • Patients must be registered with the department of health.

The above, among other qualifications, can be found on GreenHealth is on the frontline in ensuring that Florida’s patients exercise their right to better healthcare. This is evident by the fact that the organization provides Florida Medical Marijuana Cards from qualified doctors.

GreenHealth – Cannabis Evaluation for Florida Medical Marijuana Cards